2,6-Dimethyl Beta Cyclodextrin

Appearance: White powder,sweet,insipid and innocuous 

CAS NO.: 51166-71-3    

Standard: In-house Standard

Molecular Formula:C56H98O35    

Molecular Weight:1331.34

Product Description

In medicine field 

2,6-di-o-methyl-beta-cyclodextrin can increase the solubility of the medicine and biological availability , also add up the good effect and decrease the dose. Meanwhile, 2,6-dimethyl-beta-cyclodextrin can control or adjust the reactive speed, lower the drug toxicity and enhance the stability of drugs. Especially 2,6-dimethyl-beta-cyclodextrin is more effective for the oil-soluble molecules of water-soluble.

 In the fields of food and spice

2,6-dimethyl-beta-cyclodextrin can improve the stability and long effect of nutritional elements also it cover up and correct the ordor and taste of food nutrition elements.

 In the field of cosmetics

It can reduce the stimulation to the skin , strengthen the stability of the matter, and avoid volatility and oxidation of the nutrition elements.



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