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In Pharmaceuticals:
Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin is a solution to insoluble or low solubility drugs(including plant extracts).Through molecular encapsulation,it could increase the drug solubility and control the release rate of the drug,increase the drug's bioavailability and reduce the toxic side-effets.
  In Chemical Analysis Field
Cyclodextrin is chiral compounds, it to organic molecules have the identification and selection ability, has been successfully applied in the various chromatography and electrophoresis method, in order to separate all kinds of isomer and enantiomers.
In Food:
Hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin could increase the stability of molecular nutrition and long-time effect,cover up or adjust bad smell and tastes of food nutrition molecular,improve production process and product quality and extend the shelf-life.
  In Environment Protection Field
Cyclodextrin on environmental protection is based on its application with pollutants to form stable envelope content, so as to reduce the pollution of the environment. Its unique molecular structure can be used in the biological method in industrial wastewater treatment.

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