Betadex Sulfobutylether Sodium

Appearance:White powder,sweet,insipid and innocuous  

Shelf life:36 Months  



Molecular Weight:1347    

Standard:USP-NF2022,EP10.3,In-house Standard 


Heavy metal:≤0.0025%

Product Descr1ption

Sulfobutyl ether beta cyclodextrin sodium is a new type of anionic high soluble cyclodextrin derivatives. It could include drug molecules to from covalent compounds so that increase the drug’s stability,solubility,safety.It could reduce the renal toxicity,moderate drug’s hemolysis,control the release rate and cover up the bad smell. 

It can be used as a solubilizer,wetting agent,chelating agent (complexing agent) and polyvatent masking agent.

It has been used in injection,oral,nasal and eye medicines.It could has a special affinity and inclusion for nitrogen drugs.



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