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The HP-β-CD is applied to Controlled release preparation

日期:2018-10-26 8:30:03

As the formation of the inclusion compound of HP-β-CD ( Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin ) and the drug is a reversible process, HP-β-CD, the drug and the inclusion compound are in a dynamic balance in the solution. Therefore, the inclusion compound can act as a "reservoir" in the body and delay the dissolution of the drug.


The combination of HP-β-CD bupivacaine can delay its absorption through the dura, prolong the block time by about 2 times and increase the therapeutic index. HP-β-CD combined with chlorhexidine (chloropetine) was found to provide stable and sustained release of 6d after the formation of the compound, which is believed to be useful for the prevention and treatment of dental caries and periodontal diseases.



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